Thursday, January 3

Change is Good

2012 has been both equally good and bad to me i must say.

A broken heart, a dislocated shoulder, a major concussion, etc

but i was able to travel to a lot of places and met a lot of great people that inspired me to be 
stay stronger than ever.

I had a great time revisiting San Francisco and see old buddies that now reside there, as much as they say that they are now used to the cold, i know they are in denial.


The Triple S was a great experience altogether both in kiting and in the general boardsports culture.
I feel so at home with all these people around me! super fun to hang out with too!!!!

Greece for my second season there was also great!
I was able to explore paros more and felt like it is my homespot too that i actually cried that i had to leave.

Being back in Boracay after a very rough 2011 season due to a lot of things, now it's different.

I can say that i have learned so many things this year about me and what i really want to do.

I was able to find people that support me and my vision fully which makes me feel like am not crazy or something.LOL

First things first,

I'll do something that will bring me back to my visual roots.
After 7 years i was able to pick up a brush and paint again.
(although now am again to busy to do so)

Learn to say no.


Do what you love to do so it doesn't feel like work at all.

Never give in to peer pressure, unless you really want to anyways

Don't be shy to be individualistic.
I went kting in my tutu on new year's day and it was funnnn!

Never take anything to seriously, you will get wrinkles.

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Happy New Year People

Check out some of the photos from the first sunrise of 2013 through our windy kite beach
on lowtide/superflat water and ofcourse being with your lovely island family.

I love you Boracay <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">
Thank You for everything! 

PHOTOS: Anna Faustino
RIDING: Alexandru Baranescu

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