Monday, January 14

Express yourself

There are no rules.
play with it, 
brand it the way you want it to. 
give it your own flavor is a plus too.
not just in riding but in anything you do.

let that person shine through!

and remember.
Always be 

some freestylin' snaps from the month
am uber happy with the projects this month and not just kiteboarding related but everything else.
the photos, the art, the music, the events, the style, the fashion and more!
so much creativity!

Happy New Year again guys this is gonna be an awesome one fo sho!!

Check out this latest art project i had with my favorite artists.
DeeJae, Alex, Mr. Marcus and Noli!!

it's awesome!!

The events happening in Kasbah are just getting bigger and better and indie.
I love it!!!

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