Wednesday, January 8

Getting all pumped for 2014.

Whut an effin' nightmare!
just kidding.
but yeah, seriously that was an intense 2 week holiday period of just tourist after tourist 
coming in for the holidays.
It's been difficult for me to kite lately due to the abundance of kiters in the water. no.1
and also for the events ive been hosting in Kasbah.
but hey, am not complaining. am just saying :)

after a great new year's party, as always.
i was able to sleep well, jan 2, not remembering that i 
have a PKA competition the next day...
i wanted to crawl out of bed in all fours to peel myself out and go ride
for a competition.
as usual i feel am not ready, never ready for anything like that.

being half asleep and also nursing a cold.
i had to compete for the first ever ICTSI kite tour in Boracay which also 
determines the National rankings in the Philippines.

but still am stoked to manage to make it to 3rd place overall freestyle and 1st in Nationals.

during the singles elim i managed to climb to 2nd but afterwards during the doubles my cold was turning into a flu and my ronix boot broke.
For some reason i also always manage to get tangled in the bouy during my heats.
o well, i guess ive been focusing to much on being able to do my tricks inside the competition zone.

what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
this experience has taught me a lot again

it was a great start of the year and am feeling the good vibrations already.

Forgive me for not updating this space some more there are a lot of projects instore in the next few months which am really excited about.

A year of fun and good vibrations to everyone. Namaste !

PS: don't forget to follow the Philippine Kiteboarding Tour here.
and my instagram at : @paularosales

we were on yesterday's paper.

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