Sunday, July 18

what the DFA and Lola Basyang did to me.

From my last post i was angry, i mean FURIOUS! with what was going on at DFA-Manila, it's just insane!

Being away from the city for almost 9 months, with no TV, and am not the type who checks GMATv nor ABSCBN online. In the last 9 months I was reading my personal reading stuff (novels, mags, etc), provincial newspapers, blogs and heaps of in-flight mags which i ALWAYS take with me when i disembark a plane (which contained NOTHING about the DFA's issue of course as it would be self -incriminating in some way).

It may be my fault that I underestimated how fucked up government systems can be here in the Philippines since it's my first time to be a "VICTIM" to such. I only hear of it from others' experience may it be on passports, driver's license, NBI clearance, SSS, GSIS, etc.

So back to my "adventure" i was already teary eyed trying to find a way to have my passport renewed and SCREW the DFA appointment system.

1. My mom is a government employee giving me already 50% more chance. As there is a courtesy lane (first 50 pax per day only) to all government employees and immediate family at the DFA. - BUT - my mom can't make it the next day to come with me because she needs to see a doctor at 8am. She also said that i WONT make it, because my brother did the same a couple of months back, hoping for the 10 day RUSH processing, his passport never came in time for his supposed trip to Canada with my mom. - i felt so bad.

2. I can go to any RCO that still has the SIMPLE - walk in process for applicants. I had Pampanga already in mind, BUT did not get up in time to ride with my two friends headed there, (forgive me it was the FIFA world championship game that morning).

Don't get me wrong, i do agree on this whole Biometric e-passport thingy, whatever that is. It's just the process that's killing me.

3. PANIC MODE - i call DFA Iloilo to ask if they do walk ins, and yes (with the singing angels above) they were. Ask me why iloilo? i don't know.
All i know is, i know the place well enough, i know there's not a lot of tourists coming in at this time hence the flights are cheap too, the travel time is fast, i have some friends there too, plus i know where the DFA office is and a GUT feeling that there is not a lot of people in-line there. i don't know why...

So FLY - Didn't make it to the 5am flight so i took the 830am instead.
I was in the airport since 4am!

Am so happy am in terminal 3.

I am dressed up like i was just gonna go to the grocery. Good thing, God said - yo! bring a jacket it might get a little chilly in the plane.

I didn't make it for the morning walk ins, i have to eat lunch at a resto infront of the DFA office so i am the FIRST one to make it back at 1pm for the afternoon applicants.
Everything was going as planned, i made it out of the DFA around 2pm. I even got a PAL promo ticket at 8pm to go bck to Manila. FANTASTIC! - it was just like going to the mall, or getting your NBI clearance, which i can say is also one crazzzy process.

I was just working and facebooking in the very nice iloilo airport waiting for my flight.
i was seated in front of the big TV in the airport (since there is an electric socket for my laptop)

The TV was on CNN, and they mentioned a typhoon in the Pacific.

So i go to my trusty online weather site, i never go to PAGASA sorry.

So yeah, SHIT happens on your already "SHIT happens" day.


I rang my friend Marizze to tell her my flight got canceled. Actually we've been texting the day before i left manila until i was headed to the airport ready to go back to manila, bleh bleh.

My last text to her was: Hi Babes, i got a flight back na. see yah soon. (she was busy at work, it was a tuesday)

Then: after a couple of hours i call her asking to rescue me. She got me in the airport and i just broke down and cried. hahahaha.
Yah i cried!

she felt so bad we had a very lovely dinner at IMAY's and i got a room at Hotel Del Rio.
It was a nice hotel, remember staying there 5 years ago, when i went for Dinagyang Festival. I don't have photos anymore as my battery was running low and it was the last thing on my mind.

I had a goodnight sleep and was back in the airport for my flight before the break of dawn.
I landed in Manila after a bumpy 1 hour plane ride at 130pm/Wednesday/July 14, 2010.

Now, i am laughing at myself. It was a great adventure. I had time to be on my own, in a familiar unfamiliar place. Stuck in a port, trying to get somewhere in the pursuit of something I want sooo bad, AGAIN!

yes *Again*

*Am one crazy person*

MY ULTIMATE TIP: Always bring a jacket. Because when it rains, it pours!

thank you again Marizze <3

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