Sunday, August 1

Fly high

Heading to Truly Asia tomoro, for 2 weeks. I don't wanna share my itinerary for now. ill just share it with you with the experiences i think that would be better.

The goal of the trip is:
1. Pack lite
2. Travel like a local
3. more activities and sight-seeing rather than shopping.

Am double checking my things now and since we are backpacking i need to choose my stuff carefully.
really hard, really really really.


here's a nice poem i lifted from Sylvia Chidi

I always marvel
Whenever I travel

Because if you don’t travel
And extensively explore
How can you open those awaiting doors?
Mysteries always lie waiting to be unraveled

I travel with my eyes
Watching those silently cry
Asking themselves the question why
Someone left them without saying goodbye

I travel with my thoughts
Abundant knowledge I have found and sought

I travel with my pen
To write about children, women and men

I travel with my voice
Speaking sensibly refusing to induce confusing noise

I travel with hope
Believing something new will spring into my horoscope
Whether in Africa or whether in Europe
There is always room, there is always scope

I travel to many places
Mix with different culture and races
Identify tribes by their faces
Everyone I always embrace

I travel with or without money
So please listen to my testimony
Every experience is worth lifes journey

I travel with intensive faith
Lavishing love rather than being defensive with hate

Because if you don’t travel
How can you grow?
How can you know,
What is beneath the dust and below the gravel?

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Pinoy Boy Journals said...

Godspeed on your trip to Malaysia!!! Cheers Paula!