Tuesday, February 25


The Tour was cut short, what a bummer!

The KTA for this season was cut to two stops because of potical issues and economic issues in Thailand and some more issues in China I guess.

O well, lets hope it’s for the best.

I am a bit disappointed with this news as I really prepared for the season, trained hard and cleared out my schedule.
Although, I guess this is not what the universe wants for me right now.
I always believe that the world turns its ways to change towards the where you need to be.
Now I’d have some time to manage a few new projects that landed on my lap which am really really stoked about!

This KTA stop was really fun! I had an amazing Girl on fire Kite Camp with the girls prior to the competition and then a lot of my local girl friends started doing more tricks and even joined racing which am really stoked about since this is one of the goals of putting the kite camp together. Women Empowerment!  - in the most absolute fun way which is for me kiteboarding! Just going out there and being able to overcome fear, overcome your own limits and stretching your goals!
Ahhh am so happy.

I also had a nice heat but unfortunately I didn’t make it through but hey competition is always about fun and giving your best !

Here are a few snaps from the competition using my Sony Xperia (PS this phone is really awesome! I swear! )

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