Wednesday, February 27

Loving Indonesia

Indonesia was ammmmazing!
In the beginning everyone thought that the wind would be light so we brought our big kites in my case that is a 9m, and i had Dirk, our Sales Manager from BEST kiteboarding bring me a 12 m which i never really got to use since it was blowing like crazy that i actually needed my 7m.

I was so stoked that there were 23 girls that joined both freestyle and racing and not counting those girls that came in for the weekend to join.

It was a good show and a good place to hang out and kite.
On the first day i went with the KTA crew to a spot just bit upwind of the competition area for a nice kicker session and a little downwinder to the competition area which was fun as i got to see some small islands along the way. I also almost ran into som SUPers which was really funny. hihihihi

The Rest of the days were so windy so we ended up with so many races and was even able to complete the doubles. 
During one of the races i saw a sea turtle and a huge tuna while waiting for our start.
This was really cool. these experiences are those that make me go to these events and at the same time build some confidence in my riding skills.

While the rest of the competitors rested after the races i did enjoy the spot more by just riding over the reef and surf a little. And i must admit it was a bit too shallow but altogether fun as the direction of the wind which was side off shore was on a perfect angle to attack these baby play waves( at that time).

me and my teammate victoria was sharing a room, and we had tons of fun chatting and doing funny girly stuff.
On the last day, we did a little photo shoot with Alexandru in this nice resort/restaurant on wooden stilts that is over the water.

I finished at 9th on freestyle and 5th on race on my first international event of my season which is for me already a good result considering my riding experience compared to the rest 

Am still a rookie at this sport and loving every moment of it.
check out the videos from the 5 amazing days at Bintan courtesy of Kiteboard Tour Asia

I hope you guys are enjoying watching and reading about this as much as i do love sharing it with all of you

peace,love and good vibrations X

Day 1



Day 4

Day 5

Saturday, February 16

some inner motivation

If there is one thing in this world that i would really put an effort on,
it would be dedicating my time in helping those who want to get into this 
sport that i just love to do.

Last week we just had a little girls camp supported by my Sponsors.
They are so cool for letting me do this project with their help.

It's nice to see all these girls who are just eager to ride and would spent time, hours,days, to just get on that board and have the best feeling on earth.

 last week i got to hang with the best girls in the world.
plus riding with Helena and Vika was great and really fun.
It brought me back to why i was riding in the first place.

Yes mom, i am a board rider. i love shredding rails, doing pops and rotating in mid air.

In two days ill be flying to Indonesia for the KTA, i really thought i was not gonna go because i felt that i was not prepared for this at all.
and now am going for real. so am super stoked on this trip

But hey, its fun to see the world ! and wow! Indonesia! what better way to explore this exotic place that by kite.

Now i can say i feel stronger that ever with my shoulder especially.

I have a few good people to thank for this wonderful recovery. i hope that this continues.

Again, my warmest hugs and kisses to those who helped in making the first ever Girl on Fire Camp Possible, i love you all!!!

one of our camp participants broke her neck while kiting a few days ago. She now in undergoing surgery. Olga get well soon.

Photo Credits:
Cara Cipolla, Anna Faustino, Rebecka Maudal and Thirtysix-O

Monday, February 4

Video Killed The Radio Star!

Video Killed the Radio Star, Yes it did!

check out these two rad videos that came out this week my way.

first is the 

Kasbah Boracay X MedMessiah Video

Shot and Edited by my great photographer/videographer Alexandru Baranescu 

AND!!!! The ROXY X Dare Yourself campaign is out! Girls! join in! you'll never know if you deserve to win this unless you try. <3 --paula="" and="" div="" enjoy="" happiness="" love="" peace="" pure="" s="" surf="" up="">
Let The Sea Set You Free finalists for Dare Yourself from Roxy Philippines on Vimeo.