Saturday, February 16

some inner motivation

If there is one thing in this world that i would really put an effort on,
it would be dedicating my time in helping those who want to get into this 
sport that i just love to do.

Last week we just had a little girls camp supported by my Sponsors.
They are so cool for letting me do this project with their help.

It's nice to see all these girls who are just eager to ride and would spent time, hours,days, to just get on that board and have the best feeling on earth.

 last week i got to hang with the best girls in the world.
plus riding with Helena and Vika was great and really fun.
It brought me back to why i was riding in the first place.

Yes mom, i am a board rider. i love shredding rails, doing pops and rotating in mid air.

In two days ill be flying to Indonesia for the KTA, i really thought i was not gonna go because i felt that i was not prepared for this at all.
and now am going for real. so am super stoked on this trip

But hey, its fun to see the world ! and wow! Indonesia! what better way to explore this exotic place that by kite.

Now i can say i feel stronger that ever with my shoulder especially.

I have a few good people to thank for this wonderful recovery. i hope that this continues.

Again, my warmest hugs and kisses to those who helped in making the first ever Girl on Fire Camp Possible, i love you all!!!

one of our camp participants broke her neck while kiting a few days ago. She now in undergoing surgery. Olga get well soon.

Photo Credits:
Cara Cipolla, Anna Faustino, Rebecka Maudal and Thirtysix-O

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