Tuesday, July 5

This is Sparta

i have been backlogged on blogging lately because i've been having so much fun!!

best times ever. i live in a house with 6 other instructors and 2 roomies a polish and and australian girl. zuza and meg respectively. Theyre the best ever. we have a nice veranda where we have coffee in the morning. yes am taking coffee now because its just to nice to have one here. greek coffee is goooood! then we make our lunch and head out for a 10 minute walk to the kite center by the beach

There is a port nearby to Anti paros which is like a 10 minute ferry ride, which is cool. it is just exactly how i imagined greece to be. nice town with ice cream parlors, cheap souvlakis and full of blue and white shades. its a perfect place to raise a family or have a romantic stroll actually.

The sunset here is amazzzing. i am doing a rad video with the footy i have, its really breathtaking.

i am having such a nice time working in the center http://paroskite.gr because the crew is great, spot is amazing conditions are nice and the center's system is cool too!

am gonna post more pics soon but for now here are some pics of how fuct up athens was during the riots...hard timess.

and how amazing paros island is <3

this photo is a random house i pass through every morning down to the kite spot

PS: thanks to global kiter foundation, ikitebecause.com and sadrine plus charlie for taking care of me while i was in athens, you guys rooock! :)

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Henry said...

wow, pretty nice Athens.