Saturday, March 12

Need for Speed

working on flexitime is always a good deal for me
but you know its gonna go crazyyy when all things happen at the same time.
i havent been posting stuff for a while and am sure you know the reason why.
same same over and over again.
but it's gonna be over soon so i have more time to process pictures, edit videos, create stuff and write my articles.

Today is the last day of KTA Boracay. There's gonna be a massive party too at hang out bar in Hangin Kite Center.
Should be really really GREAT.
The theme is Lady Gaga and the Rockstars.
hahaha. lets see whats gonna come up tonight with my lady gagaish outfit.

I did Course Racing for the first time ever. i never knew i'd enjoy it this much.
super fun!

Tomorrow i Fly to Thailand for The PKRA
and a lot of us are going there,
should be fun and a lot of work involved too!

Rediscovering the fun of racing <3

PS: i need a new quiver bag.

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