Wednesday, May 20

i like small old things

me in an RVCA top (worn as dress),brandless cropped hoodie, white docs, marc by marcjacobs tote and vintage accessories from everywhere. Forgive me for covering my face i looked really horrible that day.

i remember using these. my mum had a red one.

amidst all the flamboyant vintage things, this caught my eye

it would really fit my bedside table...but i was i broke so i had to let it go...

This is my 2nd CUBAO X feature, the first one was about FUTURE which is owned by a friend. These photos (except for the first one) was taken at Vintage Pop. I was really happy that it was open that day. The owner, bong, only opens the store by appointment or whenever he feels like it. Me and Dane literally rushed in when we saw OPEN sign. and then the rest was photo history. Ill post some more photos of this day.

It was a fun night, got to hang out with a lot of old friends, met new ones like klarisse. 

i got Dane to try my local favorites like the cold cuts + cheese with pickled quail eggs from future, squash soup from Mogwai plus a lot of RED HORSE beer.Goodluck to my belly.

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